I have extensive experience teaching in both research university and liberal arts settings and have received the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award from the University of California, Berkeley. Currently, I teach classes in race and ethnicity, research design, gender, organizations, food, and culture.

My interest in addressing inequality in organizations is reflected in my teaching both substantively and pedagogically. In my classes I provide a comprehensive representation of the subfield I am teaching, while ensuring that the syllabus includes a diversity of voices. I also create classroom spaces where students feel safe exploring and expressing their own diverse voices. I build community through open dialogue, requiring students to lead class discussion with minimal intervention on my part and connecting course material to current events and accessible, nonacademic sources. Additionally, I focus my course assignments and student assessment around the development of writing, argumentation, and research skills. I provide individualized feedback and require independent research and writing assignments, so students learn not just the substantive content of the course but also develop pertinent career skills and a sense of ownership over the practice of sociology.

A sample of student evaluations:

“I believe this class enhanced my academic experience in all other courses. The entire process of completing a proposal, a research paper, and a presentation gave me a set of skills that I believe will be easily transferred to other courses in the future. This class made me feel heard and welcomed in ways I have not felt before, and I am truly grateful for that. In addition to learning so much about race, ethnicity, and American food, I learned a lot about how I write and think. This is the kind of class liberal arts colleges like to brag about, and I am thankful for having taken it. I personally thought it was amazing that students were able to draw personal connections between the theory, research, and their personal lives. If anything, I gained confidence in my own skills and experiences.” Race, Nation, and American Food Culture

“I never thought I would have the skills or confidence to write a research paper, but with Professor Gualtieri, it felt doable, and now I want to pursue research in other parts of the university!” Navigating Research Design

“This was one of my favorite classes at Kenyon by far. My favorite readings were “Between the World and Me,” “Racism without Racists,” and “Making Hispanics.” These readings challenged some of my beliefs and also made me think about the world in a different perspective than I often do.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Below, you can find several of my syllabi and sample teaching documents from classes I have independently taught at the University of California, Berkeley and Kenyon College.

Courses and Syllabi

Gendered Institutions

Race, Nation and American Food Culture

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Sociology of Organizations

Navigating Research Design

Teaching/Guidance Documents

Research Paper Guidelines

Diagramming an Academic Article